Artist Statement
In the Spring of 2001, I was asked to peek into a room exhibiting a group of award winning quilted textiles. I stood transfixed by the beauty of these quilted works of Art and there was no looking back. I embarked on a journey of teaching myself how to quilt and unleashed a love for Textile, Fiber, Yarn and Quilted Texture!

My work explores  elements of a Modern Aesthetic in combination with elements of Hyper Quilting. The goal is to add  quilted texture to bold color within geometric and abstract shapes.  To explore the impact texture has on the Design, Color and Shape of the composition as a whole.

In the company of Simple Shapes, Bold Color, Crisp Lines and Rich Texture you will find me. I am greatly inspired by the rich color palette of the Folk Arts from around the world as well as Clean Lines and Simple Shapes of Mid Century Modern Art.

I intend for the viewer to initially stop by my Art for the graphic impact of it's design, shape, line and color.  Then be beckoned to draw closer, to eye the finer details of quilted texture and movement.  Details that add another layer of depth, dimension and artistry to the design. To stop for a moment and wonder, "Can I touch it?"  In this moment of submerged pause, find some respite from the stresses of daily life.

I discovered quilted textiles in a very serendipitous way and it transformed my life completely!  I hope to continue giving that type of transforming discovery to others by sharing my work in public and private venues for years to come!